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NSF: Making Pharmaceuticals

On 25-26 April 2017, join us at Ricoh Arena in Coventry for a coffee and a chat with our team at stand 214. You’ll learn more about NSF International’s pharma biotech services including world-class regulatory and compliance consulting, auditing, training and clinical testing on a global basis.

John Johnson, Vice President of NSF Pharma Biotech, will be presenting the keynote session What Organisation Behaviours Drive Perpetual Adherence to cGMP? on the 25 April at 4:05 p.m. John will speak about how the best companies use knowledge from the government’s behavioural insights team to influence mind-set and culture, so that GMP is embedded into the organisation and how this knowledge can be used to simplify complex processes as well as mitigate risk to the supply chain.

Pete Gough, Executive Director, will be presenting the session Brexit – The Potential Impact for Pharmaceuticals on the 26 April at 11.30 a.m. Pete will review the potential impacts on a range of administrative process around the manufacture of medicinal products. This will include the potential impact on the EMA, on exporting and importing medicines to and from the EU, on the role of the Qualified Person and to existing marketing authorisations and the changes to UK pharmaceutical legislation required.

This year’s event brings 80+ technical presentations and workshops, with a comprehensive exhibition featuring over 100 companies. Register early to avoid the queues when you arrive. NSF look forward to seeing you in April at what is set to be the best Making Pharmaceuticals event yet.

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