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Lindeq provides Cosmetovigilance and services for cosmetic products

Besides medicinal products, Lindeq has now also specialised in safety of cosmetic products and can assist you in meeting the new requirements. Our team of toxicologists, physicians, pharmacists and vigilance experts are happy to provide you the following services:
  • Review of your current system and procedures and suggestion of necessary actions to comply with the new legislation
  • Providing a compliant cosmetics products system, including:
  • Responsible person
  • Registration of the products in Cosmetic Products Notification Portal
  • Preparation and maintenance of Product Information File/cosmetic product dossier within an optional time saving web-based solution
  • Cosmetovigilance, set up of a complete post-marketing surveillance of Serious Undesirable Effects
  • Reporting Serious Undesirable Effects to the Competent Authority
  • Cosmetic products safety assessment (safety report)
  • Preparation and maintenance of consumer information and product labelling