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The Perfect Symbiosis

VITLAB® has set new standards with its patent-pending, symbiotic and can now offer a temperature-resistant, plastic-coated glass burette with a high degree of measuring precision – the perfect symbiosis of safe handling and accuracy. The secure and tight fit of the plastic coating gives the entire device additional break resistance and, should the glass break, then the glass splinters are confined within the sheath and the danger of injury is reduced.

A small bumper has been attached to the upper end of the upright measuring tube. This feature greatly reduces the danger of breakage should the device tip over. In addition, it serves as a holder for the filling and lifting attachments. This allows the influx tube to be accurately centered and adjusted.

The burette tube has been designed with Schellbach stripes that make the reading of the scale easy and very precise.

The burette stopcock is made of high-quality plastic and can easily be turned; its tightly sealed PTFE plug allows for the greatest possible ease in use.

The measuring precision of the VITLAB® symbiotic has been improved and is now in conformity with DIN ISO 384 with Class B volume tolerances.

VITLAB® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of liquid handling equipment and plastic laboratory products, and can look back on a more than 100-year company history. The company’s products are marketed by a worldwide network of distributors and are used in laboratories in wide-ranging application areas, including the measurement of volume, sample drawing and storage.