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JRS PHARMA Expands their Product Portfolio with the Addition of the Povidone Family

JRS PHARMA has announced the worldwide release of the Povidone Family product line, the latest addition to their excipients portfolio. This product line consists of three products:

  • VIVAPHARM® PVP (Povidone), the classic wet binder with optimal balance between adhesive strength and ease of handling
  • VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 (Copovidone), the ultimate tablet binder for all processing technologies.
  • VIVAPHARM® PVPP (Crospovidone), offering unsurpassed disintegration performance and versatility

Dr. Gernot Warnke, JRS PHARMA’s Global Director of R&D, shared that he is "excited about the addition of povidones to the portfolio, which strengthen our offering in the field of tablet binding and disintegration. The Povidone Family significantly contributes to building the most comprehensive range of solid dosage form excipients on the market."

Quality Assurance and Specifications
Manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP and ISO 9001 compliant/certified production facility, their VIVAPHARM® Povidone range complies with the current Povidone, Copovidone, and Crospovidone monographs in Ph. Eur. 9.0, USP39/NF34, and JP17/JPE, respectively.

The specifications for the VIVAPHARM® Povidone range are set tighter than compendial limits to better meet the requirements of their customers. A significant emphasis has also been placed on stringent quality control. In addition to on-site quality checks, VIVAPHARM® Povidone products will go through final quality control and release in the newly established Analytical Competence Center at the JRS PHARMA facilities in Germany.

Warehousing and Samples
The VIVAPHARM® Povidone range will be warehoused in the JRS PHARMA central logistics center in Germany and the USA, thus enabling ease and speed of delivery.

Samples of 3 batches of each product type are now available in 400 g aluminum bags.



JRS Pharma is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry. Their excipients portfolio includes: high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. In addition to a wide range of excipients, they offer excellent technical support and biopharma services to address the needs and formulation challenges of their customers.

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