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How Denny Bros over-coding labels help healthcare professionals

The drive by our Clinical Trial and Life Science customers to urgently respond to developing new drugs and treatments during the Covid pandemic has seen a substantial surge in demand for our patient-specific over-coding service.

Denny Bros over-coding labels

Our vast range of Fix-a-Form booklet label formats enables us to produce patient information labels with fixed information in any quantity, and to almost any design, which our specialist production teams will then over-print and 100% verify with variable, patient-specific information, from a customer’s database to exact requirements.

Clinical trials

With clinical trials growing because of the pandemic, Denny Bros has supported much of this crucial work on booklets and labels, utilising its experience, expertise and unrivalled facilities and providing a useful, trusted, extra resource for those customers whose in-house teams sometimes lack the required capacity. So much so that over-printing was Denny Bros fastest growth area in 2020 – and this has continued during the first third of 2021 with many export customers as well as within the UK.

Quality assurance

Quality is assured through PS9000 operating procedures supplemented by Denny Bros’ tried and tested over-printing and verification protocols which ensure the accuracy of each label.

Customer choice is also a key part of the Denny Bros service, both with label design options and over-printing requirements.

Time-sensitive labelling

Labelling can range from multipage Fix-a-Form booklet labels which can be printed in many languages to plain single ply labels. We understand the vital importance of timelines in drug testing and development and are always willing to accommodate urgent demand.