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Labelling for the Healthcare Sector

The importance of labelling in the healthcare sector should never be underestimated. Whether it is giving clear and concise information or making sure that the right labelling prevents any simple mistakes or patient risk, the right healthcare labelling can have many benefits.

For more than 75 years, Denny Bros has been leading the way in healthcare labelling. In what can be a demanding and heavily regulated field, often with tight deadlines, Denny Bros’ skilled and expert team is adept and highly experienced in providing the right service for every customer.

Specialist services

Denny Bros offers a range of specialist label printing services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. As a proud independent company, Denny Bros has the freedom to tailor their services and develop effective products to meet the specific needs of each project.

Multi-page labels occupy the same space as an original single panel label and were originally invented and patented in the mid 1970s by Denny Bros. Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, allows you to include detailed product information – such as descriptions, safety messages and dosage instructions – on the container itself.

While there may be a temptation to increase packaging size as a result, multi-page labelling is often a more cost-effective solution that makes better use of the available labelling space on a product. They are a trusted and secure way to meet legislative demands for detailed product and user information, by increasing the on-product space. It also has the added advantage of often staying with the product throughout its usable life, rather than being discarded shortly after purchase.

Some multi-page labels can provide up to 120 pages of extra space and be tailored to suit the size, shape and construction of the product packaging. This can reduce patient risk as information is always kept with the medicine and helps ensure vital information remains on pack for the lifetime of the product. They can even display product information in multiple languages, meaning you only need to produce one version of your product label for multiple international markets, reducing costs and simplifying inventory.

Labelling applications range from containers, vials and even syringes, where despite the often small available surface a large amount of text, graphs and pictograms needs incorporating. Other print solutions at Denny Bros are available from patient information leaflets, to instrument pouches, single ply labels and more.

Anti-counterfeit solutions

Denny Bros has an extensive range of anti-counterfeit solutions to help safeguard pharmaceutical producers and the general public from harm.

One of the company’s print features to help combat counterfeiting is a security 2D matrix which enables information to be encoded using either text or numeric data. Microtext is another solution offered enabling words to be printed below or at one point size which is almost unnoticeable to the human eye without the help of magnification.

Unique serial numbers can also be incorporated into the print to identify and authenticate individual products.


The need for specialist over-printing services – made even more crucial by the pandemic – has seen a surge in new business for Denny Bros. The renowned printing and labelling company offer a bespoke service to life science and clinical trial customers in the UK and abroad.

Denny Bros’ specialist production teams will over-print and verify patient-specific information, from a customer’s database onto labels which are produced to their exact requirements. This can vary from patient information to, in the case of clinical trials, batch numbers to help identify which is a placebo and which is a drug.

PS 9000:2011 accredited

Based in Suffolk but supporting customers across the UK and abroad, the company’s state-of-the-art production facility has been purpose built to meet the demands of the sector.

Working in an environment with strict hygiene and cleanliness controls, Denny Bros is certified to PS 9000:2011, which governs all job handling and management processes within the pharmaceutical industry. This seal of approval gives customers confidence that all products are produced in an environment with strict hygiene and cleanliness controls and further gives customer’s peace of mind.

Under the PS 9000: 2011 guidelines, the company’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimise the risks involved in the production of labelling and packaging that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. And there is a drive for constant improvement with a quality management system providing a basis for effectiveness and efficiency.