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Innovative Fix-a-Form labels

Famed for inventing the game-changing Fix-a-Form label, Denny Bros continues to carve out a reputation for being innovative in the print industry.

So what is their secret?

Stephen Jarrold, Sales and Marketing Director and part of the family-run business for 35 years, is well versed in delving into the archives and discussing the values that have made Denny Bros a global name.

He said: “A real hallmark of Denny Bros is how many staff have been here for most of their working life. Denny Bros remain fiercely independent and also supportive of their local community and local workforce. It is one reason why the company have never thought about leaving Bury St Edmunds or taking one of the many buy-out offers made from other companies over the years. They knew what a significant impact it would have on staff. They are also not interested in creating a kingdom, just ensuring that their small, family-owned business is profitable and a great place to work.”

Denny Bros’ biggest claim to fame was inventing Fix-a-Form in the late 1970s.

Combining several print and finishing technologies, the leaflet-label combination was like nothing that had been produced before – acting as a revelation throughout the chemical industry.

We made a habit of saying yes to something and then working out how to achieve it. That is why we were in the right place for Fix-a-Form to be invented. There was a growing desire to present more information on containers rather than stash a leaflet inside a big box and hope it got read. We came up with the idea of a folded leaflet on a self-adhesive label and the immediate reaction was that this solution was an obvious one, but no one had thought of it before. But we didn’t have to just create the label, we also had to design and build the engineering and machinery which was required to create the product.

Within a few years, Denny Bros had over 20 companies around the world manufacturing Fix-a-Form under licence.

More than 40 years on, Fix-a-Form remains an industry leader.