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Cryopak Introduces the Enviro-Ice Gel Pack with Biodegradable Film

"The Enviro-Ice™ Film has the ability to fully biodegrade when disposed of where other objects are biodegrading. These objects can be degrading anaerobically or aerobically," Eva Langen, Product Manager at Cryopak, said.

Cryopak’s specially formulated Enviro-Ice™ gel packs contain elements that nurtures and feeds the microorganism community. Through natural selection, specific microorganisms that "feed" on the elements in the film are left in the soil around the film. This specialized community of microorganism have the ability to breakdown the long hydrocarbon plastic chains that make-up the film. In an aerobic situation the microorganism will breakdown the hydrocarbons until they are transformed into carbon dioxide and water. Depending on the community of microorganism it can take anywhere from 9 months to 5 years.

Enviro-Ice™ is able to biodegrade in the following environment(s):

  • Landfills
  • In compost (backyard and commercial facilities)
  • Buried in the ground
  • Argicultural / Erosion-control settings