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Bourg-de-Thizy, Seizing Opportunities in the Pharma Market

The upgraded Avery Dennison plant at Bourg-de-Thizy gives converters the innovative and reliable pharma range they need to build new business opportunities.

Growing demand has made pharmaceuticals a profitable arena but challenges include counterfeit drugs, more generic suppliers, and a constant flow of new regulations. High quality and innovative labelling products are essential when overcoming these challenges, which is why Avery Dennison has made a significant investment in its pharma plant at Bourg-de-Thizy.

  Bourg de thizy

The Bourg-de-Thizy plant produces products that meet very specific sector demands including good adhesion to strongly curved surfaces, elimination of contamination and tolerance to chemicals and temperature extremes. Advanced options include luminescent label materials.

Major new production facilities

In all pharma-related production quality control is paramount, and converters can have confidence that products created using materials from Bourg-de-Thizy will meet strict criteria. The plant has been upgraded to meet the high pharma quality requirements.

Major development work has successfully eliminated potential contamination threats with measures such as sealed doors, wood-free pallets/bags and a filtered ventilation system. On the production line itself, a web cleaner system eliminates dirt and contamination underneath laminates. Product defects as small as 0.17mm can now be detected, with a detection rate of 100% on 0.34mm defects.

Plant manager Didier Francois-Pierre is clear about the benefits:

"This has been a very productive period, during which the team at the plant has created a cutting-edge pharmaceuticals facility. We now have the systems needed not only to continue innovating but also to prove conclusively both to label converters and to end customers that products meet very precise specifications."

Breadth of choice

Approval for a single self-adhesive pharmaceutical labelstock can take one to three years, and no element of the laminate can then be changed. That’s why the breadth of the range made at Bourg-de-Thizy is extremely significant. Find out more about our pharmaceuticals range at

Training opportunities

Our 2011 training program is now being planned and it will include many topics of importance to converters.

You can register right now and we will send you more details as soon as they are available. It is a highly effective way to acquire, or further develop, your skills in pharmaceutical labelling and identify its business potential and real opportunities.

Topics covered will include the following:

  • What the pharmaceutical industry needs from converters
  • What the product range is and how it can be exploited
  • How to guarantee the quality assurance needed
  • How the new Bourg-de-Thizy plant operates (site visit)