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NeuroProof - Screening Services for Pre-Clinical Development of Neuro-Pharmaceuticals and Safety Pharmacology

NeuroProof GmbH offers screening services which analyse and clarify the complex effects of substances on the function of the brain and the whole central nervous system.

NeuroProofs leading technology of primary neuronal cell cultures on microelectrode array (MEA) neurochips and sophisticated methods of data analysis is a major step forward in target validation, which remains as one of the bottlenecks in drug discovery. It closes the gap between the molecular and the physiological level.

High content analysis in vitro technology

The company's expertise is a high content analysis in vitro technology that improves the development of new CNS pharmaceuticals through the precise assessment of neuronal activity function. NeuroProof combines technologies into a powerful and efficient biomonitoring tool for preclinical drug research:

  • MEA-neurochip
  • Brain-region-specific primary embryonic neuronal network cultures
  • Pattern recognition and classification methods

The outcomes provide detailed insights with early predictions of beneficial or neurotoxic effects.

The effect of potential drug candidates on the CNS and possible neuro-toxic effects can be predicted early by studying behavior changes in a functional network, those posses the temporal resolution of cell-assembly cooperation. Thus it is possible to considerably accelerate the preclinical development of CNS drugs and to cut down the attrition rate.

Brain-region specific nervous tissue taken from fetal mice is physiologically accessible during differentiation and up to several months after maturation. MEA-neurochip simultaneously records multiple spike train patterns of action potentials of numerous single neurons coupled in a complex network. A co-culture of different neuronal and glial cell types enables the physiological relevance and provides a technology well suited for the discovery of unknown effects.

Proprietary procedures of pattern recognition are applied for a multiparametric data analysis. Thus, the effects of CNS drug candidates can be examined directly, which was not possible before. A high reproducibility of data is assured, for example, a same substance can be identified by its inducing specific activity changes even after years.

Recordings from neuronal network cultures on microelectrode arrays are highly sensitive biosensors:

  • Monitoring of electrical action potential activity
  • Recording of activity patterns of up to 256 individual neurons
  • High reproducibility and small variability
  • Functional screening of neuroactivity and toxicity
  • A broad dynamic range of activity changes induced by a substance
  • Revealing properties for new and unknown modes of action (e.g. on ionotropic and metabotropic receptors)

Pattern Recognition Methods

  • Precise and extensive profiling of neuroactive pharmaceuticals
  • Substance database for fast recovering of mechanisms of action

Molecular biological studies of primary neuronal network cultures for validation needs

  • Western Blotting
  • Fluorescence Microscopy

Off the shelf service packages

  • NeuroProof is actually the only company which offers testing services with primary network cultures on MEA-neurochips
  • Standardised experimental protocols and services provide a maximum of result at attractive conditions
  • Multiparametric analysis to characterise the electrophysiological effects
  • Precise dose-response curves with EC values
  • Comparisons with our substance database deliver essential facts for your drug development

Customised solutions

  • Individual solution for your research topic and indication
  • Special solutions with brain region specific cultures and/or transgenic mouse models
  • Specific experiment designs or chronic treatment studies

NeuroProof GmbH has an attractive record of reference projects and the company is partner in several international research projects.

NeuroProof GmbH
Friedrich-Barnewitz-Straße 4
18119 Rostock, Germany

Dr Olaf Schroeder
Managing Director
Tel: +49 (38) 154 345 660
Fax: +49 (38) 154 34 661