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Screening Services for Pre-Clinical Development of Neuro-Pharmaceuticals and Safety Pharmacology

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Clarification of mechanisms of actions for neuro-active substances.

NeuroProof technology allows an accelerated clarification of effect mechanism of neuro-active drugs. Pharmalogical tests (mechanisms test for determining the place of action, tissue-specificity test, KD-test), toxicity tests (EC50-acute, EC50-chronic) are offered as well as tests which aim at specific disease models. For the latter, electrophysiological parameters are collected multi-parametrically by default. The specifically influenced parameters are combined to a more significant analogous-model test.

The following qualitative and quantitative statements about the effect of the test substances on the network activity can be made:

  • Acute and chronic influence
  • Reversible and irreversible behaviour
  • Inhibitory or agitating effect
  • Activity regulating or activity modulating effect
  • Specific or unspecific effect on receptors
  • Concentration sphere of action (EC50-curves)
  • Tissue-specific behaviour (frontal cortex, spinal cord, …)
  • Reproducibility of the effects

The standard test provides information about physiologically relevant effect mechanisms. Using information obtained in the first tests, precise information about the effect mechanism of a substance can be obtained through specific blockade experiments by means of the first information.

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