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ANSYS - Pharmaceutical Engineering Simulation Software

ANSYS, Inc. develops and distributes engineering simulation software capable of reproducing, with great accuracy, numerous processes involved in pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology applications.

By running structural analysis, fluid flow or fatigue and electromagnetic modeling, our users can quickly reach indepth understanding of complex processes such as drug delivery, pharmaceutical mixing, stent deployment, and orthopaedic prosthesis behavior for various patient activities. Our clients increasingly use virtual prototyping to save cost and reduce time to market.

Virtual prototyping for drug patents

Bringing a new drug or biomedical product to the market is a huge investment and a major risk. The design, manufacturing and approval processes for a new drug can take more than ten years and cost more than $1B; with a 15-year patent limit, this leaves pharmaceutical companies with only a few years to recoup development costs. These extremely high development costs and lengthy clinical trials drive up the price of drugs and often discourage pharmaceutical companies from risking the considerable resources required for an uncertain return on investment on innovative therapies. With several important drugs' patents expiring within the next few years, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and time to market while opening doors to innovations.

Engineering simulation and electromagnetic modeling

Engineering simulation is increasingly perceived as the most promising technology to address these challenges. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) makes it possible to predict the behavior of blood flow in or around cardiovascular devices, turbulent air flow in inhalers and human upper airways, powder and spray mixing and more. Structural analysis provides detailed information about structural behavior of solid bodies submitted to various loads and constraints, whatever the complexity of the material behavior. Electromagnetic modeling gives insight on thermal cooling problems, signal integrity and signal interference between devices; fatigue analysis estimates the lifespan of implantable devices submitted to periodic or random loads.

Virtual prototyping

The ANSYS portfolio of engineering simulation software provides its users with fully tested and validated solutions for each of these challenges in an integrated framework. Within a single environment, users of ANSYS software can develop accurate and reliable virtual prototypes of products or processes, which often involve interaction between fluids, structures and electromagnetics. Because fewer physical prototypes need to be developed for testing, virtual prototyping is very cost effective.

Simulation models

A very large number of geometries, materials and operating conditions can be automatically tested in an optimization loop so that only the best designs are selected for final physical prototype validations. Furthermore, an in-depth understanding of mixing or drug delivery processes greatly facilitates FDA approval because it is easier to demonstrate end-product characteristics when details of entire processes can be comprehensively analyzed and visualized. With 40 years of experience in not only healthcare but also in industries such as aeronautics, automotive, electronics and energy, ANSYS has built a large user base and developed the most advanced simulation models currently available in a commercial code.

ANSYS customers experience unprecedented opportunities for innovations, which gives them a sustainable competitive edge and the chance to cost-effectively develop solutions for new markets previously considered unprofitable. This results in an acceleration of progress for the healthcare industry and better healthcare delivery to consumers.

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