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Genmab A/S

Genmab A/S
Kalvebod Brygge 43
Copenhagen V
Phone: 45 70202728
Fax: 4-57-0202729

No. employees: 270
Turnover: 358.54 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Mats Pettersson

Chairman, Executive Board

Anders Gersel Pedersen, M.D., Ph.D.

Deputy Chairman, Non Executive Board

Burton G. Malkiel, Ph.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Daniel J. Bruno

Director, Non Executive Board

Rick Hibbert, Ph.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Peter Storm Kristensen

Director, Non Executive Board

Paolo Paoletti, M.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Pernille Erenbjerg

Director, Non Executive Board

Deirdre P. Connelly

Director, Non Executive Board

Rolf Hoffmann

Director, Non Executive Board

Michael K. Bauer, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President - Clinical Development, Senior Management

Jan G. J. van de Winkel, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, President, Senior Management

Birgitte Stephensen

Senior Vice President - IPR & Legal, Senior Management

Paul W.H.I. Parren, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, Senior Vice President, Senior Management

David A. Eatwell

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Management

Anthony Pagano

Senior Vice President - Global Finance, Senior Management

Rachel Curtis Gravesen

Senior Vice President - Investor Relations & Communication, Senior Management

Martine J. van Vugt, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President - Strategic Initiatives, Senior Management

Judith Klimovsky, M.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer, Senior Management

Tahamtan Ahmadi, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Vice President - Oncology and Translational Medicine, Senior Management


Kalvebod Brygge 43,
Copenhagen V,
Phone: 45 70202728
Fax: 45 70202729

Genmab BV

Yalelaan 60,
CM Utrecht,
Phone: 31 30 2123123
Fax: 31 30 2123110

Genmab Holding BV

Yalelaan 60,

Genmab US Inc

902 Carnegie Center,
Suite 301,
New Jersey,
United States of America
Phone: 1 609 4302481
Fax: 1 609 4302482



  • Product:
  • Arzerra (Ofatumumab)
  • Darzalex (Daratumumab)
  • Pipeline
  • Ofatumumab (CD20)
  • Daratumumab (CD38)
  • Teprotumumab (IGF-1R)
  • Tisotumab vedotin (HuMax-TF-ADC)
  • HuMax-TAC-ADC
  • HuMax-IL8
  • JNJ-61186372