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CryoLife Inc

CryoLife Inc
1655 Roberts Boulevard Nw
United States of America
Phone: 1 770 4193355
Fax: 17-70-4260031

No. employees: 1,000
Turnover: 189.70 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

James Patrick Mackin

President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Executive Board

Harvey Morgan

Director, Non Executive Board

Daniel J. Bevevino

Director, Non Executive Board

James S. Benson

Director, Non Executive Board

Jon W. Salveson

Director, Non Executive Board

Ronald D. McCall

Director, Non Executive Board

Ronald C. Elkins, M.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Thomas F. Ackerman

Director, Non Executive Board

James W. Bullock

Director, Non Executive Board

Jeffrey H. Burbank

Director, Non Executive Board

Marna Borgstrom

Director, Non Executive Board

Scott B. Capps

Vice President - Clinical Research, Senior Management

Richard C. Gridley II

Vice President - Canada, Asia Pacific, and the Americas, General Manager - CryoLife Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Senior Management

Amy D. Horton

Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President, Senior Management

David Ashley Lee

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Management

David C. Gale, Ph.D.

Vice President - Research and Development, Senior Management

William F. Northrup, III, M.D.

Vice President - Physician Relations and Education, Senior Management

David N. Hollinworth, Ph.D.

General Manager - CryoLife Europa Ltd., Vice President, Senior Management

Jean F. Holloway

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Management

William R. Matthews

Senior Vice President - Operations, Quality and Regulatory, Senior Management

John E. Davis

Senior Vice President - Global Sales and Marketing, Senior Management

James McDermid

Chief Human Resources Officer, Senior Vice President, Senior Management

Sherry Saurini

Vice President - Quality, Senior Management

Derek Southard

Vice President - Operations, General Manager, Senior Management

Mike Tuckerman

Vice President - Sales North America, Senior Management


1655 Roberts Boulevard Nw,
United States of America
Phone: 1 770 4193355
Fax: 1 770 4260031

CryoLife France, SAS


Eclipse Surgical Technologies


CryoLife Asia Pacific, Pte. LTD

1 Marina Boulevard,
Phone: 65 9784 9820


Luzernerstr. 91,
Phone: 41 56 6709100
Fax: 41 56 6709102

CryoLife Europa Ltd

Bramley House, The Guildway, Old Portsmouth Road,
Surrey ,
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 1483 441030
Fax: 44 1483 452860

AuraZyme Pharmaceuticals Inc

1655 Roberts Boulevard, NW,
United States of America
Phone: 1 770 4193355
Fax: 1 770 5903790

CryoLife International, Inc.

United States of America

On-X Life Technologies Inc

1300 East Anderson Lane Building B,
United States of America
Phone: 1 512 3398000
Fax: 1 512 3393636



  • Cardiac Allografts:
  • Aortic Valve Allograft
  • Pulmonary Human Cardiac Branch and Trunk Patch
  • Pulmonary Human Cardiac Hemi-Artery Patch
  • Pulmonary Human Heart Valve
  • Additional Cardiac Tissue
  • Vascular Allografts:
  • Saphenous Vein
  • Femoral Artery
  • Femoral Vein
  • Descending Thoracic Aorta
  • Aortoiliac Artery
  • Vascular e-Notepad
  • PhotoFix - Decellularized Bovine Pericardium
  • BioGlue - Surgical Adhesive
  • On-X Aortic and Mitral prosthetic Valves
  • CarbonAid and CarbonMini
  • Chord-X Mitral Valve Repair Products
  • CardioGenesis Cardiac Laser Therapy


  • Contract Manufacturing
  • On-X Contract Manufacturing
  • On-X LTI Contract Manufacturing