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World Courier: Personalized Supply Chain – Direct-to-Patient

World Courier

A major challenge running clinical trials is patient recruitment and retention; in order to participate, patients must often be willing to travel long distances at inconvenient times to undergo treatment and vital procedures, a situation that is certain to lead to frustration all round.

By combining Medical Research Network’s (MRN) expertise as an innovator in at-home clinical trials, and World Courier’s standing as the global leader in specialty logistics, clinical trial researchers finally have a way to improve both the recruitment and retention of qualified patients for their studies.

world courier

MRN, through its global nursing networks:

  • manages at-home clinical trial visits in over 37 countries worldwide through in-depth experience and understanding of the in-home clinical trial landscape
  • administers patient treatments including (but not limited to) intravenous infusions, subcutaneous injections and oral formulations
  • conducts essential procedures at patient homes such as blood sampling, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic sampling, vital signs, ECGs, adverse event monitoring and more

World Courier:

  • manages an integrated supply chain that understands regulatory requirements and is designed to improve quality and accountability in the transportation, dispensing and storage of clinical trial products
  • coordinates delivery within certain predetermined time windows to coordinate the arrival of drugs with the availability of patients and nurses, thereby providing a better overall patient experience
  • provides clinical trials with better, more predictable access to patients by reducing the inconvenience, cost and time needed to visit a hospital or office for tests and treatments

This partnership also provides access to the vast resources of World Courier’s parent company, AmerisourceBergen, including MyCubixx, an RFID-enabled drug storage system.

Combining the strengths of both companies allows the healthcare market to advance and grow as rapidly as new technology is developed, benefitting both patients and researchers equally.

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