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WHO Drug Dictionary User Group

The Uppsala Monitoring Centre

All members of the WHO Drug Dictionary User Group have access to our User Group Portal, assistance from our support team and the possibility to influence product content and development

Broad range of valuable services

As a subscriber to any of our products and services within the WHO Drug Dictionaries, you have access to the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) User Group Portal. Here you will find User Guides, Best Practices, minutes and materials from User Group Meetings as well as information about the latest updates to the WHO Drug Dictionaries.

Our Support team will always assist you with information about how we you can get the most from UMC products and services in your daily work.

User Group meetings held around the world

Annual User Group meetings are held in North America, Europe and Japan. These forums allow dictionary experts and current users to share ideas and best practices, as well as discuss solutions on how to use the WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced (WHO DDE) and related products and services in the best possible way.


"Japan is a regular venue for UMC’s User Group meetings. Other events are held annually in North America and Europe."

They are also first-class opportunities to learn more about recent and future developments within the UMC. Minutes and materials from past User Group meetings as well as information and invitations for coming events can be found on the User Group Portal.

Best practices – have your say

Best practices are continuously being developed to assist you in challenging areas of dictionary use, e.g. identifying the right medicinal product and coding entries correctly. If you have ideas for new best practices for WHO Drug Dictionaries, feel free to contact us for participation in a future development program. The existing Best Practices can be found on the User Group Portal.

Full support for WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced users

Assisting with or answering pharmaceutical as well as technical questions is an important part of our Support team’s role. WHO DDE users have full access to the Support team, including the possibility for New Drug Requests. This group of experts helps you interpret dictionary files and documents. They will also help you get started as a WHO Drug Dictionary Browser user.

Contact them at:

Pilot projects – your chance to participate

New features and additional tools are continuously added to UMC WHO Drug Dictionaries. We strive to tailor our products to your needs and make the best tools available to you. Your feedback as a user is very important.

Pilot projects give User Group members the opportunity to participate in and influence the outcome of new developments. Check the User Group portal for ongoing pilot projects!

Webinars increase communication

To increase communication within User Group, we host webinars to discuss current coding and analysis issues related to the WHO Drug Dictionaries. Information about coming webinars is posted on the User Group Portal.

More information

Contact the WHO Drug Dictionary Support team at with any questions or comments you may have.

Further information is also available at

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