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Water for Injections

Rovi CM / Rovi Alcala

Injectables plant offers sterile, prefilled water for injection (WFI) syringes for reconstitution/dilution of drug products.

Ready to submit documentation (CTD Module 3 & DMF) are available for Europe and the US (with stability data) to facilitate the registration and speed up your product launch.

You can choose the volume you desire:

  • 0.5ml WFI in 1ml STD syringes
  • 1ml WFI in 1.25ml syringes
  • 2ml WFI in 3ml syringes
  • 5ml WFI in 10ml syringes
  • 10ml WFI in 10ml syringes
  • 15ml WFI in 20ml syringes
  • 20ml WFI in 20ml syringes


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