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Warehouse and logistics services


Understanding the increasing need for safe, timely and cost effective storage and logistics of Investigational Products and Clinical trial supplies DOKUMEDS has established its own warehouse in Moscow (Russia).

  • Full Service package
  • Importation of Clinical trial supplies – Investigational product, laboratory kits, i/v and p/o nutrition products, and devices required for Clinical trials
  • Obtaining of Import and Export license
  • Assistance on Customs clearance (including review and approval of Pro-Forma Invoice)
  • Trial supplies storage – ambient and cool humidity controlled area
  • Trial supplies delivery – ambient and cool chain
  • Trial supplies relocation (from one site to another)
  • Investigational Product re-call and re-labeling procedure
  • Collection and storage of returns
  • Final reconciliation and destruction (or return to sponsor) of Investigational Product and trial supplies
  • Organization of bio-samples export from Russia to central laboratory
  • Close collaboration with customs broker companies in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
  • Direct contracting: minimized risks from involvement of 3rd party vendors
  • Shortened distribution chain
  • Common communication line with CRO and warehouse
  • Immediate deliveries in Moscow and 400 km region done by the Warehouse personnel without an involvement of external couriers
  • Simplified contract management


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