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Taconic Transgenic Exchange

Taconic offers four programmes that provide unprecedented access to genetically modified mouse models.

Our programmes deliver everything you need for your critical research, from unrivalled speed to ready access to the models you need. Taconic is your single source for expertise in generating, breeding, and delivering genetically modified models.

Our unique Taconic Transgenic Models™ (TTM) portfolio offers ready access to over 60 in-licensed transgenic mouse and rat models, available off the shelf in typical study quantities. The Taconic label license grants you rights under the in-licensed patent rights to use the model in your research, including the use rights to model generation technologies and specific gene and model patents. Discontinued models that have been cryopreserved are also available.

The Taconic emerging models programme makes rodent models more readily available earlier in their life cycle through a repository of investigator-sponsored models that are bred and distributed by Taconic.

The Taconic knockout repository offers ready access to a portfolio of more than 3,200 knockout mouse lines. These models are fully licensed for use and can be delivered to your facility or bred through Taconic’s contract breeding solutions.

When custom model generation is required, TaconicArtemis greatly speeds up the timeline from model generation. TaconicArtemis’ industry-leading technology in mouse genetic manipulation, coupled with Taconic’s unrivalled expertise in breeding and distribution, enables you to access exactly the tools you need, faster than ever, while retaining full ownership of your model. Knockouts, knockins, humanised and targeted transgenesis models are available, as well as any combination of those technologies.

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