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Rovi CM / Rovi Alcala

Facilities for manufacturing and packaging suppositories in aluminium blister with an annual capacity of around 150 million suppositories.

Solid forms plant

This plant is one of the biggest FDA-approved plant for solid forms in Europe with 83,000 m2 of land. Exceptional quality level which has been certified by various agencies such as FDA (USA), ANVISA (Brazil), AEMPS (Spain), COFEPRIS (Mexico), NIHS (Japan), Gulf Cooperation Countries, Belarusian, Kenyan.

Pharmaceutical forms: Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Granules…

It exports 75% of its production and serves 50 markets within 25 different languages.

Core business: specialist in manufacturing and packaging solid forms

Manufacturing – testing – packaging

  • High capacity Roller Compactor (dry granulation)
  • The highest quality tablets through our High Shear granulation systems (wet granulation), including fluid bed drying, milling and ribbon blending
  • Planetary mixers
  • Double side compression presses available to provide flexible as well as large volume production
  • Film coaters to cover different batch sizes

Huge total and free capacity available to comply with medium to very large production. Batches from 100 kg up to 1,000 kg

A fully equipped laboratory to provide quick and reliable results (with chemical and microbiological capabilities)

Flexible and large volume packaging equipment available to fulfil various customer needs

  • 16 packaging line have been installed including high speed lines and very flexible lines for customized presentations providing capability for Alu-Alu, PVC-Alu, PVDC-Alu
  • No minimum batch size
  • Blister or aluminium pouches
  • Datamatrix
  • High tech vision system, cartooning, labelling, marketing, over-wrapping and case-packing capability for each packaging line

Capsules blistering also possible and integrated storage capability through our sizeable warehouse (9,000 pallets) which includes a cold room at 2 to 8 ºc (400 pallets)

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