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Dissolved Ozone Sensor pureO₃



The pureO3 dissolved ozone sensor provides rapid and accurate measurement across a wide range of ozone concentrations. It uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to provide predictive diagnostics for low-maintenance, in situ measurement.

Ensure Sanitization Completion

Monitor ozone after sanitization. Ozone destroys organics and microorganisms better than chlorine and more economically than thermal processes.

Simple and Low Maintenance

The pureO3 dissolved ozone sensor uses a 1-piece membrane for fast start-up and easy maintenance.

Built-In Predictive Diagnostics

This ozone sensor provides enhanced diagnostics to ensure that your sensor is working properly when you need it, and helps maximize sensor lifetime.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Easy Maintenance

The pureO3 with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology simplifies maintenance processes. The Adaptive Calibration Timer tells you when the sensor needs calibrated and the Time to Maintenance tool indicates when the membrane will need to be replaced.

  • Monitor Critical Processes

Monitoring ozone is critical in a wide range of industrial processes. From sanitization on pharmaceutical water systems to verifying ozone concertation in UPW storage tanks, the pureO3 sensor provides a reliable and highly accurate solution.

  • Long Life Due to Exceptional Durability

The pureO3 has a robust construction that includes a reinforced silicone membrane for exceptional durability. The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator monitors the process conditions to provide you an estimate of the remaining life of your sensor’s inner body.

  • Provides Continuous Measurement

This sensor can be used for continuous ozone measurement, which is a key quality measure in bottled water systems. By measuring ozone continuously, you can quickly react or make decisions based on changes in ozone levels.

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