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Rapid Preclinical Formulation Screening


As a specialist formulation development company, we recognise that new compounds, especially those with poor aqueous solubilities, have a better chance of succeeding if properly formulated for animal safety and efficacy testing.

In the perpetual haste to complete various steps of a drug development plan, formulations of new drugs may not be given sufficient consideration for initial preclinical evaluation, resulting in the development of suboptimal or unstable dosing vehicles and ultimately poor drug absorption. Furthermore, the constraints of business mean that formulators often have less time, money and resources to spend developing each compound.

In order to facilitate the development of poorly soluble compounds, we have implemented the SOLENT™ Array, a high-throughput, semi-automated platform designed to rapidly screen for and identify enabling formulation strategies to support preclinical efficacy and safety investigations.
SOLENT™ Array can be incorporated as part of any drug discovery program and is currently used by numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic laboratories around the world.

Benefits of the SOLENT™ screening platform include:

  • GRAS liquid formulations designed for maximum drug loading and exposure (oral and parenteral solutions and suspensions)
  • Up to 128 formulation compositions assessed simultaneously, depending on route of administration
  • “Real-time” monitoring of drug kinetic solubility, ensuring physical stability of supplied formulations for the duration of the dosing study
  • Solution stability determination, including monitoring drug precipitation upon dilution in relevant biological fluid media (SGF, FESSIF / FASSIF). For parenteral formulations, human blood plasma can be used
  • For parenteral formulations, microviscosity and injection force measurements are conducted ensuring formulations can be sterile filtered and easily administered using a given device
  • Rapid delivery of initial test results using our novel award winning high-throughput screening platform (< 2 weeks)
  • Formulations can either be supplied directly for in vivo investigations with supporting chemical and physical stability data to match planned study timelines or, if you have in house capabilities for formulation manufacture, recipes and processes can be detailed
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