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KNAUER – Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau



HPLC/UHPLC instruments for high-resolution LC with MS detection. Excellent results with both fully porous sub-2 μm columns and core-shell columns.


Reliable and modular instruments for the conventional HPLC range. Small footprint and highly adaptable to a wide range of LC tasks.


Biochromatography solutions for analysis and purification. High resolution glass columns, pressure stable bioseparation media and biocompatible LC systems with a unique benchtop cooling feature.

AZURA preparative HPLC

Built for reliable value product purification and high versatility. Supports gradients, easy scale-up, solvent-recycling, different software platforms and flow-rates up to 1000 mL/min.


Gradient capable continuous MCSGP purification solution. Up to 50% higher yields and purity, and up to 10 times more throughput than batch LC.


Simulated moving bed chromatography purification systems for continuous pilot-scale purification of binary mixtures. Save up to 90% solvent.

HPLC columns

Narrow-bore to preparative scale columns, also with axial compression. Core-shell: BlueShell. Fully porous: BlueOrchid sub-2 μm, Bluespher 2 μm, Eurospher 3, 5, 10 and 15 μm. Polymer-based: Eurokat. Eurocel for chiral separations. BioFox agarose-based bioseparation media.


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