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Process Research


Mercachem’s process research services are aimed at the development of efficient production processes of your target molecules.

The process research services include:

  • Route scouting
  • Reaction and process optimization
  • Catalyst screening
  • Material supply (~1 kg, non-GMP)

We use modern research techniques such as parallel experimentation and statistical methods such as Design of Experiment and multivariate data analysis to systematically and effectively optimize critical steps in the synthesis. We have installed state of the art parallel reactor stations for providing us with a wealth of experimental data in a very short time frame.

Mercachem apply production scale technology in the syntheses and make use of commercial catalyst materials, for a smooth transfer to multi-kg scale production. By having strong relationships with catalyst manufacturers, technology providers and immediate access to online data retrieval systems we ensure that we apply state of the art technology in your production process.

Small scale experimentation results are immediately verified at larger scale and our kilo scale synthesis facilities enable us to supply you with larger quantities of your target compound. (fact sheet)

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