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pH Sensor InPro3253i/SG/120



The InPro InPro 3253i SG/120 is a pre-pressurized, liquid-filled, low maintenance pH & ORP sensor, combined with a temperature sensor, for in-line measurement in demanding applications. The 120mm version is optimal for short installation lengths.

Optimized for Steam Sterilization

The steam-sterilizable pH glass membrane of the InPro 3253i SG/120 makes it optimal for processes where sterilization or autoclaving are required.

Low Maintenance and Easy-to-Use

This pH sensor has Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, offering predictive diagnostics to reduce maintenance and simplify calibration.

Sterilizable and Autoclavable

This sensor provides fast and precise pH and ORP measurement, even after repeated autoclaving and sterilization cycles.


  • Reliable, Accurate and Robust

The InPro 3253i SG/120 is designed to withstand the rigors of your production. Its pre-pressurized, maintenance-free reference system ensures high reproducibility and reliable measurement performance under diverse operating conditions.

  • Advanced Sensor Diagnostics with ISM

This pH sensor features intelligent diagnostics to help manage your maintenance. The sensor provides a clear display of its remaining lifetime, time remaining until calibration is needed, and counts of the SIP and CIP cycles it has undergone.

  • Easy Validation

The InPro 3253i SG/120 is suited for chemical and pharmaceutical production. Its certification covers hazardous zone use, biocompatibility of the electrolyte, and all relevant hygiene and safety regulations.

  • Versatile to Meet Your Application Needs

This sensor can measure both pH and ORP (Redox), and has a built in digital temperature sensor. It is pressure-resistant up to 4 barg (58 psig), has a watertight connector and can withstand repeated sterilization and autoclave cycles.

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