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Greiner Bio-One

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Lids, Sealers

Greiner Bio-One

Including polystyrene lids, sealers and CapMats.

Polystyrene Lids

Lids offer protection against contamination and evaporation during sample storage and cell cultivation. Four different polystyrene lids are available:

  1. High profile lids (9mm)
    High profile without condensation rings is mainly used for non TC-treated 96 well microplates.
  2. High profile lids (9mm) with condensation rings
    High profile with condensation rings is recommended for cell culture applications, since it ensures an optimum oxygen supply to cultivated cells due to improved gas exchange.
  3. Low profile lids (6mm)
    Low profile is particularly recommended for 384 well standard microplates as the well contents are protected against evaporation and contamination, and the covered microplates can be easily gripped on the side in automated processes.
  4. Universal ultra low profile lids
    The ultra low lid has a universal design, and is compatible with a whole range of different microplates. In particular high-format low profile microplates, such as the 384 well Small Volume™ LoBase or the 1536 well microplate can be sealed with the ultra low profile lid. This lid provides the greatest possible protection against evaporation, and is also suitable for use in automated systems. Recesses in the edge of the lid improve the readability of barcodes, and sealed microplates can be easily gripped from the side and transported without problem.


Many applications in immunology, molecular biology, high-throughput screening or cell culture require tightly sealed microplates. Adhesive sealers are an interesting alternative to heat sealing systems or CapMats. They are easy to use and there is a lower risk of cross-contamination because they are used as disposable products. Five different sealers are available which can be divided into two different classes on the basis of the adhesive used. The classical sealers such as EASYseal™, AMPLIseal™, SILVERseal™ and BREATHseal™ are coated with an acrylate adhesive. The advanced sealer VIEWseal™ is coated with a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.


An alternative method for sealing 96 and 384 well plates are CapMats.

96 well CapMats
The 96 well CapMats are made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). They are resistant to DMSO and can be used in a temperature range between -20°C and +60°C.

384 well CapMat
The 384 well CapMat is made of silicone and can be used in a temperature range between -60°C and +121°C. It is suitable for sealing 384 well MASTERBLOCK®, 384 well F- and V-bottom polypropylene microplates, 384 Deep Well Small Volume™ microplates as well as F-bottom polystyrene microplates. The 384 well CapMat is pierceable.

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