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Tracking Injections and Sample Sets and observing your system utilisation

labSuite – Getting more useful information out of Empower

labSuite is based on a data warehouse and enables you to read information in the Empower database that is otherwise unobtainable. Note that all chromatographic data remains untouched. As a business intelligence tool, labSuite can be provided in modular form or as a package:

  • Instrument Usage Manager
  • Tracking Manager
  • Service Manager

Instrument Usage Manager – provides metrics that define instrument usage and idle times

This tool gives you the possibility to monitor the usage of your chromatography instruments. Run, gap and idle times can be reported for defined periods.

Tracking Manager – track information across all projects in a few seconds

The tracking of injections and sample sets allows you to sort, filter and group all kind of information connected to your samples – including Custom Fields. In this way, important information can be selected and reported as necessary. Since labSuite utilises a "data warehouse" all historic information remains available for reporting even if the operator of Empower carries out deletion and archive processes.

Service Manager – accurate maintenance planning without redundancy

With two features, the injection Counting and the Notification Service, this tool makes use of injection counting to make service intervals more realistic. Warning limits can be set for injection count and designated users will receive an e-mail notification when this limit is reached. Such tracking also facilitates the size limiting of Empower Projects an otherwise awkward, but necessary, operation.

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