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Kromasil Classic


We call it classic because, while other product families are somewhat more specialized, this is the core family of HPLC media that established the reputation of Kromasil.

Kromasil is a family of premium silica-based chromatography packings developed for analytical up to process scale applications in both reversed-phase and normal-phase mode as well as SFC. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability, high available surface area, and a narrow pore size distribution. This results in long lifetime and high loading capacity. In addition the surface properties are excellent, making it possible to run even basic compounds without the use of additives.
Classic phases are available in 3 sub-families of pore sizes and particles sizes from 3.5 to 16 µm. The sub-families are available as bare silica as well as several different surface modifications:

  • 60 Å: SIL (bare silica), CN (cyano) and Diol
  • 100 Å: SIL, C4 (butyl), C8 (octyl), C18 (octadecyl), NH2 (amino) and Phenyl
  • 300 Å: SIL, C4, C8 and C18


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