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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor InPro6860i/12/420/nA/HD



The InPro6860i/12/420/nA/HD is an optical dissolved oxygen sensor with a mechanically modified hydrophilic surface. Combined with its tilted design, it prevents bubble accumulation, creating a highly stable measurement signal.

Increased Yield and Product Quality

The angled tip and hydrophilic surface prevent bubble formation. This eliminates noise for improved production efficiency and process control.

For Digital & Analog Bioreactors

This anti-bubble DO sensor has digital (MODBUS, RS-485) and analog (mA) output signals for compatibility with benchtop bioreactors and transmitters.

Sterilizable and Autoclavable

The InPro6860i/12/420/mA/HD provides fast, precise oxygen measurement, even after repeated autoclaving and sterilization cycles up to 140°C.

Features and Benefits

  • Stable, Reproducible Yields

Achieving consistent batches and product quality requires reliable oxygen measurement. The hydrophilic surface finish and tilted tip of the oxygen sensor prevent measurement interference from bubble accumulation that can affect yield and product quality.

  • Hygienic and Durable Design

Avoiding biofouling and ensure a stable signal with the PTFE coating of the OptoCap™ oxygen-sensing element. This ensures that the InPro6860i/12/420/nA/HD has the durability to withstand multiple autoclaving and standard CIP / SIP cycles.

  • Uncompromised Reliability

This optical DO sensor offers the benefits and predictive diagnostics of Intelligent Sensor Management. Achieve faster startup with Plug and Measure technology. Increased system availability is provided by maintaining a stock of pre-calibrated sensors.

  • Exceptional Performance

The InPro6860i/12/420/nA/HD reduces both handling time and running costs due to lower calibration and maintenance needs. This performance is achieved by an electrolyte-free, one-piece replacement part that is monitored by predictive diagnostics.

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