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InPro 7100 Conductivity Meter



METTLER TOLEDO’s extensive offering in conductivity is completed with the InPro 7100, a reliable and versatile conductivity sensor for easy integration into your process. The InPro 7100 is particularly adequate for applications in the chemical industry, food & beverage, CIP & pulp & paper.

The shaft material PEEK offers high resistivity against aggressive solutions and is particularly suitable in processes with frequent SIP / CIP cycles. The sensor is available with 1.4435, Hastelloy C22 and Titanium pins. The wide measurement range from 0.02 – 500mS/ cm makes it a valuable solution for a wide range of applications.

Features and Benefits

High versatility

The InPro 7100 is compatible with a wide choice of static (InFit and InDip series) and retractable (InTrac series) housings. No process adaption is impossible.

WideRange™ technology – saving costs and increasing measurement accuracy

WideRange™ technology keeps the sensor design small and easy to install. That allows installation in pipes with small diameters (DN50).

Fast response time

The InPro 7100’s response time allows quick detection of process changes, leading to better process control. Benefits are:
– Increased yield
– High product quality
– Cost saving in the production process.

Easy process integration

The compact design of the InPro 7100 makes it compatible with the wide choice of INGOLD housings, opening a wide range of integration options.

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