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In order to help our customers solve complex problems throughout the years, we have invested in building know-how and expertise in particle design and formulation development for highly sophisticated inhalation APIs.

At Hovione we can tailor-make particle size ranges and incorporate desired morphology characteristics into your API. We are also able to start with a Hovione-produced API and develop a dry powder formulation to meet your inhalation product development demands.

  • Dry Powder Inhaler Devices: Capsule-based
  • Dry Powder Inhaler Devices: TwinCaps®
  • Inhaled drug product development: The integrated approach at Hovione
  • Inhalation Analytics
  • Particle engineering for inhalation
  • Capsules for inhalation
  • Capsules filling, for both clinical and commercial purposes
  • Dosed API for early phase clinical studies



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