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Industrial Insulated and Refrigerated Packaging

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Sofrigam offers three types of gel-enabling storage of chilled or frozen products: blue gel - for products between +2°C/+8°C and +2°C/+25°C; pink gel - for products -18°C; and white gel - for products between -15°C and -5°C.

Snowgam cold accumulators guarantee perfect cold restitution. Gel packs are available in various sizes in rigid shells or in flexible pouches. They are marketed separately, or provided with refrigerated crate solutions.

Technical specifications:

  • Phase shift temperature:
    – blue gel: 0°C
    – pink gel : -20°C
    – white gel: -15°C
  • 2 types of cover : rigid shell and flexible pouch, approved for food contact and recyclable

Product advantages:

  • Wide choice of sizes for different temperature ranges
  • Performances: slow restitution extending the storage duration; in particular the blue gel offers a duration 33% higher than that of water
  • Safety: non-sensitising, non-toxic and non-mutagenic
  • Life expectancy: unlimited (reusable gel packs)
  • Compatible with all methods of transport: eutectic gels are gas-free therefore permitted for air transport
  • No minimum order quantity
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