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Future Market Insights

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Client-Focused Research for Global Investment

Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights (FMI) is dedicated to providing global investment research services to a wide range of clients, including pension funds, hedge funds and mutual funds.

The company’s investing clients are provided with the required assistance to achieve higher-grade returns through differentiated investment ideas and insights. Clients could reach their expected success rates as FMI delivers sound investment research in several markets such as commodities, currency, fixed income and equity.

FMI takes pride in its highly analytical, creative and intellectually curious group of research analysts. Apart from the uniqueness of their research skills, the firm’s analysts boast of their sincere passion and interest in researching about a broad scope of markets.

Investment research involves the formulation of risk-adjusted performance rating using an extended array of economic, technical analysis and fundamental analysis data to help with investment evaluations. The company’s researchers are in the best shape of knowledge and experience to provide leading-edge research services.

Today, businesses are in need of accurate equity research that could help them identify investment opportunities for stocks covered globally via an analysis of company, sector, and macro fundamentals. Credit research could be required for obtaining recommendations for the corporate credit and debt derivatives of issuers in different industries.

Economic research analysts perform the job of formulating forecasts for interest rates, foreign exchange rates, and economic activity. For every major equity market, portfolio strategy research could be required to formulate recommendations, forecasts, and market views on both industry and asset sector allocations.

On the other hand, commodity research analysis includes an analysis of market fundamentals to pen down forecasts for commodities in agriculture, precious metals, base metals, natural gas and oil sectors.

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