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Empyrean – The Intelligent Diffractor

Listening to users of its renowned system at more than 1,000 universities, research centres and industries worldwide, Malvern Panalytical has redefined the concept of a multi-purpose X-ray diffraction XRD instrument. 

The new Empyrean is one of the first fully automated multi-purpose diffractometers that allows a large variety of measurements without any manual intervention. The company’s newly designed MultiCore Optics featuring iCore and dCore take care of the work.

Key features of the Empyrean include:

  • It can prepare batches of samples to run overnight or over weekends and maximise instrument utilisation
  • Automate multiple measurement geometries to facilitate a more complete understanding of your samples
  • Simplify training of new students or personnel and lower the barrier to perform advanced X-ray applications
  • Reduce time loss caused by mistakes of inexperienced users
  • Execute subsequent user-independent automated analysis on your samples using software such as Malvern Panalytical’s HighScore package
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