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Drug Candidate Validation Services

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Drug Candidate Validation Services


We offer a full range of services for drug candidate validation: SBW provides a range of in silico, in vitro and in vivo services for drug discovery, including early target identification, hit to lead, lead optimisation and pre-clinical steps.

SBW also provides a range of services for clinical trials: biostatistics and data management, warehousing and analysis.

We offer biological activity and scaffold hopping (US patent pending); quantitative physico-chemical and ADME property prediction; and systemic, organ-specific, and genetic toxicity and side-effect prediction (US patent pending). Other chemoinformatics services include the following.

Structure-based drug discovery

  • Target and ligand-based as well as reverse docking / vHTS
  • Pharmacophore generation and QSPR


  • Analysis of proteomics, gene expression and genotyping array data including biomarker discovery, pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics
  • Pathway, protein domain and interaction network analysis

Workflow development:

  • Development of workflows using proprietary and open source software (Infosense, Accelrys Pipeline Pilot and Knime)

Data mining and tailored software development:

  • Artificial intelligence and statistics method development and life-science data analysis
  • Programming in R, MatLab, Java, .NET and other platforms and life science packages
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