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Dose Formulation Analytics


The Dose Formulation Analytics group of BSL BIOSERVICE primarily focusses on the accurate and precise quantification of test substance concentration in the application solution from toxicity studies.

Samples derive from in vivo and in vitro experiments conducted in-house whereby close collaboration between experimenter and analyst ensures the highest quality of results combined with adequate timelines.

The scope of any dose formulation study entails method setup or development, validation and sample analysis. Through the extensive knowledge gained by dealing with a multitude of diverse chemical substances, the group is very capable of dealing with special requests and new concepts.


  • HPLC-MS / MS (triple quadrupole)
  • Titrator

Analysis Methods

  • Formulation Analytics
  • Method establishment for novel compounds
  • Validation in compliance with ICH Q2 (R1) and relevant EMA and FDA guidelines and white papers
  • Complete set of extraction methods for biological matrixes including bones and tissues
  • State-of-the-art
  • GLP compliance
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