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Discovery Chemistry Services


Mercachem offers different business models and services:

Custom Synthesis and Contract Research

At MercaChem we are able to synthesize a large variety of molecules including:

  • Building blocks, scaffolds and synthons for parallel chemistry or further synthesis
  • New chemical entities or analogues for lead discovery and optimization
  • Reference compounds such as metabolites or impurities for process validation

Mercachem offers lab-scale (100 mg – 1 kg) non-GMP custom synthesis and contract research to the Life Sciences industry through state-of-the-art reaction methods and techniques. We have the expertise and equipment to cover the full range of organic reactions, with an emphasis on heterocyclic chemistry, catalytic reactions, asymmetric reactions and high-pressure reactions and hydrogenations.

Parallel chemistry – library synthesis

Mercachem offers parallel synthesis on a multi-mg scale of focused libraries for hit- and lead optimization. We have installed a complete workflow and data tracking to handle your library syntheses in sizes from 10 – 1000 compounds in an efficient manner. Our flexible reaction stations enable us to cover a wide range of common chemistries in a parallel fashion. Our capabilities include solution phase, solid phase and polymer assisted solution phase reactions.

Purification is performed efficiently by employing preparative LC-MS systems. We also employ the latest techniques for rapid purification in a parallel fashion, including Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE), Solid-Supported Liquid-Liquid Extraction (SLE), and Polymer-Supported Quench/scavenging reagents (PSQ). (fact sheet)

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