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We have the experience and equipment to handle your customized development needs on-time and on-budget. Our laboratories, kilolab, and pilot plant are operated by skilled and experienced scientists and operators. A genuine experience from the pharmaceutical industry enables us to proactively support your development project.

We support clients in all aspects of API development, including areas such as process and analytical R&D, SHE-related issues, polymorphism and salt selection, regulatory challenges, documentation, stability studies, genotox concerns, impurity/degradant profiles, raw material sourcing, etc.


Process R&D

Customized processes

Our chemists in the process development team will nurse your project according to your requirements and time line. One of the chemists will be the dedicated project leader for your project and take it from lab scale through pilot and, if required, into full scale production.

Transparency in communication will assure that you get all the attention your project deserves.Our chemists have a strong academic background linked with long experience from process development for the pharma industry. They provide laboratory, pilot and production scale development as well as production support. Our development labs have high standards including direct access to analytical techniques for in-process controls, e.g. NMR, HPLC, and GC.

Analytical R&D

Efficient and safe methods

Our Analytical chemists will assist you in the development and qualification of new analytical methods for your project. If you already have analytical methods available, we will efficiently and seamlessly transfer them to our lab. We are also experienced in performing stability testing on new drug substances. By a close contact and open dialogue with your analytical chemists we will find the optimum solution for your particular problem.

We use a wide range of modern analytical instruments and techniques to assure an efficient and successful working order. We continue to complement our instruments and knowledge. Our staff is well educated and has vast experience from both analytical chemistry and the pharma industry.

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