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Data Management and Biostatistics


Data Management

Medpace undertakes each study with one goal in mind – correctly preparing your statistical data for submission, on time and on budget. The Medpace data management team develops detailed specifications for the collection, organization, validation, analysis, and quality control of clinical trial data ensuring the most cost-effective, secure, and regulatory compliant process. Our responsive approach, combined with superior therapeutic and regulatory expertise, allows flexibility in accommodating changes to project specifications with minimal to no timeline adjustment, all while maintaining the highest levels of data quality and integrity.

Medpace utilizes Oracles ITM electronic data capture (EDC) to expedite the collection and management of trial data. The system is a flexible EDC solution with a proven track record for scalability and is designed to accommodate your global needs.


With in-depth clinical and regulatory experience at every level the Medpace biostatistics team, understands the practical and scientific issues specific to your clinical data. From study inception to delivery of the Integrated Clinical Statistical Report, our skilled group of biostatisticians are involved at every phase of drug development – providing statistical programming and analysis to create a customized approach designed specifically to meet your project requirements.

Our experienced team of biostatisticians provides trial design consultation, statistical methodology recommendations, programming expertise, and reporting accuracy necessary to deliver your trial efficiently and on time. Data analysis is performed using industry-standard SAS® software, ensuring that every phase of your trial is correctly focused for maximum results.

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