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Tecan offers a wide range of different consumables that are designed and tested for optimal use with Tecan's automated liquid handling, detection and sample management products.

The quality and reliability of our consumables is very important for your results. Our consumables are produced using computer-controlled manufacturing systems, state-of-the-art production processes and integrated quality control procedures.

Disposable tips

Different types and volumes of disposable tips for precise automated pipetting on our liquid handling platforms.

Sample storage tubes

REMP Tube Technology™ Consumables offer researchers an efficient solution for managing samples.

Sample and reagent containers

A range of different sample or reagent containers that match your Tecan instrument application.

Cavro® accessories and consumables

All the pump valves, syringes, probes, Teflon tubing and racks you need for your liquid handling applications, as well as programmable electronic interface boards.

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