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Autopen®2 platform

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The Autopen®2 platform is an injection pen enhanced with dose control.

The Autopen®2 platform is an injection pen enhanced with dose control.

This easy-to-use and durable device includes a click-back function to correct overdialling prior to injection. This helps overcome some of the barriers patients face when self-injecting.

Key features of the Autopen®2 platform include:

  • Dose delivery is automatic, realised at the touch of a button
  • Its click-back function provides full dose control
  • It has an easy-to-use dose selector with audible clicks
  • It is compatible with major brands of pen needles, including Unifine® and Pentips®


  • It is refillable and disposable
  • It has an automatic drug-delivery button
  • The needle is hidden after injection when used with a safety needle
  • It has a visual end-of-dose indication
  • It can handle Multi and variable doses
  • It has a click-back function with audible clicks
  • Its cartridge size options are 1.5ml, 2.0ml, and 3.0ml
  • It provides a subcutaneous, with an adjustable needle depth of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm

Steps for use:

  • Load cartridge and attach pen needle
  • Adjust dosage with the dose selector
  • Push the side-mounted deliver dose
  • Check dose completion
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