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A Customized Contract Development Approach

Vifor Pharma

Development Teams offer a large spectrum of customized services from preliminary formulation to Regulatory submission. The scope of activities is essentially pharmaceutical oral and topical formulations with key strengths:

  • Solid dosage forms with sustained release, enhanced control by use of micro-tabs, one day delivery and gastro-resistance
  • Liquid formulations with attractive flavors, enhanced stability and pediatric formulation.

Formulation Teams ensure the product development at laboratory and pilot scale based on DoE approach. They perform the industrial scale-up and process validation including manufacture of clinical material.

Efficient containment solutions are proposed like preservative-free sprays, biphasic system, blisters with inert gas and aluminium-/-aluminium blisters.

Analytical teams develop, validate and transfer analytical methods and manages ICH stability studies.

  • Flexibility and a strongly orientated customer service


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