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Shionogi Launches Rapiacta In Japan

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BioCryst) has reported that its partner, Shionogi has launched Rapiacta, intravenous (iv) Peramivir anti-viral, to treat patients with influenza, in Japan.

Discovered by BioCryst, Peramivir inhibits the interactions of influenza neuraminidase, an enzyme which is critical to the spread of influenza within a host. In laboratory tests, peramivir has shown activity against multiple influenza strains, including pandemic H1N1 swine origin flu viral strains.

Reportedly, on January 13, 2010, Shionogi has received the marketing and manufacturing approval for both – single dose administration of 300mg iv Peramivir for adult uncomplicated seasonal influenza infection, as well as single and multiple dose administration of 600mg iv Peramivir for the patients at high-risk for complications associated with influenza.

Shionogi is authorised to supply Peramivir as either a 300mg iv bag or a 150mg vial for iv drip infusion. The company has plans to prepare an adequate supply for approximately 700,000 people within its current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2010. It will also make efforts to ensure the manufacturing for stable supply in its next fiscal year.