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New Stratophase data shows metabolism-optimised bioprocessing using Ranger™

The Ranger™ system successfully automates the feeding regime; avoids over and under feeding, thus optimising feed rate to metabolic requirements; leading to increased rate production and higher yield. Additionally, on a fine setting, Ranger™ was able to provide on-demand, pseudo-continuous feeding.

To produce the data, Stratophase compared three systems, each received a total of 180g/l of glucose, but with different feeding regimes: a timed pulse feed of 20g/l every 4.5 hours; a pulse feed of 20g/l provided on a 20% drop in metabolic rate; and a pulse feed of 1g/l provided on a 20% drop in metabolic rate (see Figures 1, 2, 3).

figure 1

Figure 1 – timed-controlled pulse-feed

figure 2

Figure 2 – metabolism-controlled pulse-feed (20g/l)

figure 3

Figure 3 – metabolism-controlled pulse-feed (1g/l)

Figure 1 shows the timed-controlled pulse feed initially overfeeds the system, with glucose concentrations rising in the first 12 hours. As the system activates and metabolism increases, the glucose concentration crashes to almost zero. At each timed pulse metabolism reactivates, but then stalls as glucose is depleted.

Figure 2 shows the how Ranger™ can automate the feeding regime based on the system’s demand for glucose. There is no overfeed at the start of the process, and glucose is only delivered when the metabolic rate falls ie when there is an increased demand for glucose. This system avoids the metabolic stalling in between feed pulses.

Figure 3 shows the fine control that Ranger™ can achieve. Only delivering 1g/l of glucose on a 20% fall in metabolic rate, Ranger™ automates a pseudo-continuous feeding regime to optimise the metabolism, maximising the rate of production.

Dr Sam Watts, Business Development Officer, and founder of Stratophase said:

"This topline data shows the potential of Ranger™ to significantly improve the management of bioprocesses. Alongside managing the feeding regime, Ranger™ is able to provide batch to batch monitoring, and provides a "signature" that indicates the moment the bioprocess moves outside of the defined process window. Furthermore, Ranger™ indicates end of process, a notoriously difficult parameter to measure in real time."

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