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SGS 2019 Full Year Results

SGS delivers solid results and makes significant strategic progress in 2019, which will strengthen the Group’s market leadership position in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry.

A Solid Financial Performance in 2019

Total revenue grew by 1.2% at constant currency to Sfr6.6 billion.

Organic growth of 2.6% was achieved across the business portfolio.

The adjusted operating income increased by 4.6% at constant currency to Sfr1,063 million.

The adjusted operating income margin increased from 15.6% to 16.1% at constant currency basis.

A Year of Significant Strategic Progress

  • The group completed 11 acquisitions and four disposals (including Petroleum Services Corporation), executing on our strategy of accelerating M&A and evolving the portfolio towards higher value-added services.
  • SGS has continued to invest organically in new growth drivers including connectivity, nutrition, health & wellness, mobility, cybersecurity and sustainability & climate.
  • An Economic Value Added (EVA) approach has been introduced to internal performance management and active portfolio management. This, combined with the continued investment in our World Class Services initiative, automation and digitalization, enables SGS to deploy capital for growth at attractive levels of returns in the long term.

The continued investment in the Group’s strategic evolution will ensure our industry leadership position in our existing and new markets, creating sustainable long-term value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.

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