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Gerresheimer Receives Sustainability Award from AstraZeneca for 2020

In 2019, Astra Zeneca awarded Gerresheimer Gold Status for its exemplary sustainability for the first time.

Currently, the two Gerresheimer production plants Horšovský Týn and Pfreimd have again been awarded by AstraZeneca for 2020. The global sustainability program of the pharma company evaluates its suppliers in the three categories Inclusive, Resilient and Transparent. As in 2019, Gerresheimer achieved the required standards in all three areas and therefore receives the highest award for its sustainability management.

Companies no longer measure their performance solely by their commercial success and the quality of their products. Increasingly, they are actively assuming responsibility for the environment and the people in their sphere of influence as part of society. Gerresheimer sees itself as a pioneer in this development and laid down the principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility years ago in its corporate values and a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guideline.

The pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca is pursuing a similar strategy and has set itself the goal of ensuring that at least 75% of its supplier partners worldwide achieve at least the bronze standard of the sustainability framework by 2025. The Gerresheimer production sites Horšovský Týn and Pfreimd, which work for AstraZeneca, go far beyond this basic level with their sustainability management and were therefore again awarded Gold certificates for the past year.

To be eligible for a Gold rating, a company must be active in all three categories of the AstraZeneca Sustainability Framework and meet minimum performance targets in each category. For example, the Inclusive category assesses human rights, diversity and inclusion, employee health and safety, and health promotion in the local community. The Resilient category includes company performance in the areas of energy and greenhouse gases, water, waste, product life cycle assessment, and environmental impact of pharmaceuticals. The Transparent category evaluates public CSR reporting and participation in transparency-enhancing measures. Performance is measured by assessments carried out by recognized external institutions such as EcoVadis and PSCI EcoDesk.

At the Horšovský Týn and Pfreimd sites, high-quality drug delivery systems, plastic syringes, medical and diagnostic products are produced. This requires adequate environmental conditions. With over 40 years of experience in clean-room production in accordance with ISO 14644-1 ISO Classes 7, 8 and 9 or GMP Classes C and D and covering the entire value chain in the clean room, Gerresheimer is the specialist for
clean-room production.