As a leading specialist in drug packaging and administration, Gerresheimer has been a part of Pharmapack for many years.

At this year’s Pharmapack on 3 February in Paris, Expo Porte de Versailles, Gerresheimer can be be found at booth B60 / B64 in hall 7.2.

Innovative micro-infusion pump from Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical for EVER Pharma

Developed specially by Sensile Medical for EVER Pharma under the brand name D-mine®, this wearable micro-infusion pump has already been launched in several European countries. The compact, patient-friendly infusion pump is used for the continuous subcutaneous administration of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease. The first micro pump from Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical to be available on the market, it gives Parkinson’s patients greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

Gerresheimer manufactures sustainable primary plastic packaging

Consumers are placing great importance on eco-friendly plastic packaging products, specifically – and increasingly – on sustainable packaging solutions that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. At Gerresheimer, therefore, innovation and environmental protection go hand in hand. A pioneer in the quest for greater sustainability, Gerresheimer offers an extensive standard range of plastic packaging and devices customized solutions made from PET, R-PET, and BIO-PET plastics.

Workshop: packaging and administering biologicals safely and securely

Which glass and plastic primary packaging and which administration systems are suitable for newly developed drugs, such as biologicals, and therapies? What do chronically ill patients need to be able to take care of themselves reliably on an ongoing basis? These and many related questions will be answered by Amir Tahric and Dr Wenzel Novak in their workshop at Pharmapack on February 6 at 10 am.

Gerresheimer is a specialist for primary packaging for biologics

The most important trend fore-cast by pharmaceutical experts is the continuing, worldwide increasing demand for biological drugs and biosimilars. With the recently founded, Gx Biological Solutions organization, Gerresheimer installed a dedicated team to serve the highly specific demands in the Biological playfield.

Gerresheimer at Pharmapack: type II glass injection and infusion bottles for parenteral applications

As a leading provider of speciality pharmaceutical packaging, Gerresheimer also specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical containers made from type II glass. Two hardening and tempering methods allow extremely small injection bottles as well as typical infusion bottles with larger volumes to be produced. Guaranteeing the quality and hydrolytic resistance of the type II glass is the top priority here. The company is defending its leading position by introducing innovative furnace technology, expanding its cleanroom, and introducing automation and digitalization to its testing and packing lines.

From clinical phase to industrialization: Gx RTF Vials – top quality depyrogenated sterile ready-to-fill vials for injectables

At booth B60 / B64 at Pharmapack in Paris, Gerresheimer, a leading global manufacturer of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is presenting its new Gx RTF vials product offering. Gerresheimer offers both its own packaging, as well as the familiar Ompi EZ-fill packaging design.

Gx Elite Vials – top-quality injection vials for greater patient safety

The Gx Elite vials have set new standards for type I borosilicate glass packaging. They are the result of comprehensive improvement and optimization measures in the tube draw and vial forming processes. These high-end tubular glass vials are Gerresheimers’ response to increasingly stringent customer demands and expectations on the pharmaceutical market including greater demands for patient safety.

Gerresheimer expands the Gx RTF ClearJect product line

Gerresheimer is expanding its range of pre-fillable polymer syringes to include a new product: the Gx RTF® ClearJect® polymer needle syringe, 2.25 ml. Like the 1.0 ml syringe, this syringe will be produced in Pfreimd, Germany.

Gerresheimer further expanding production output in Asia

Gerresheimer has over 35 sites in Europe, the Americas, and Asia making speciality packaging from glass and plastic. Not long ago, in December 2019, the company opened two more plants in China and India to manufacture plastic primary packaging for pharmaceutical products. This will enable it to offer its customers in this major region the best possible supply service.

Primary Drug Containers for needle-free injection

Together with Portal Instruments (Boston, USA), Gerresheimer Medical Systems has developed an innovative primary drug container for use in needle-free automatic injection systems. The cartridge-like container, made of the high-performance polymer COP, serves as the primary packaging for the sensitive active agent and is equipped with a nozzle, with which the hair-thin jet of medication is generated for the injection.

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