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CRF Health to Host Two-Part Webinar Session on CRO-ePRO Best Practices

Session Titles: "CRO ePRO Delivery – Parts I & II"

Dates: Part I, Thursday, March 17, 2011 and Part II, Thursday April 21, 2011
Time: 11:00 a.m. EDT
Duration: 1 hour

Topics to be covered:

  • CRO and ePRO trends
  • Best practices for CROs and ePRO vendors
  • Tips on how to ensure a smooth ePRO delivery through a qualified CRO

Gregg Jewett will discuss the current and future role of CROs and ePRO in the clinical trial marketplace. In addition, he will
discuss ‘CRO-ePRO’ best practices, as well as explore the synergies that can be realized from the partnering of CROs, ePRO
vendors and Sponsors in support of efficient and successful clinical trials. He will also discuss the progress of the CRO-ePRO
Task Force that includes several of the industry’s top CROs. "The objective of this two part webinar series is to further educate
the clinical research community on the benefits of CRO-ePRO collaboration," commented Gregg Jewett. "Our interim survey
analysis shows that 85% of pharmaceutical professionals believe CRO-ePRO collaboration to be an important factor."
Register for this free webinar series today to learn why you need to know more about efficient CRO-ePRO delivery:

Mary Briggs, VP Global Sales & Marketing commented, "Nearly 600 clinical research professionals participate in our monthly
webinar series every year and we are looking forward to including this important CRO topic in March and April. Our longstanding
webinar series supports CRF Health’s objective of educating the pharmaceutical industry on patient reported
outcomes, and raising the visibility of ePRO within the clinical trials sector."