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Arena International Presents Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling 2013

Presentations will provide an insight into discovering opportunities to enhance patient compliance through innovative product packaging, new pharmacovigilance legislation and showcase innovative ways to tackle readability issues due to the increase in label information required on pharmaceuticals.


PHPL Europe Programme

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling will offer cutting edge case study’s encompassing important experiences that could provide beneficial in discovering legitimate strategies that can be implemented into packaging processes globally.

With impactful Keynote presentations from industry leaders including;

  • Klaus Hjortgaard Olsen, Head of Commercial Packaging, H. Lundbeck A/S
  • Esther Peelen, Senior Consultant, GS1
  • Dirk Hendrik Kneusels, Commercial Director, Laetus.

The dedication to bring the most relevant speakers is further enhanced through the networking opportunities provided throughout the event. Promoting group discussion through the sharing of ideas and experiences helps to create the free flowing ideas that encourage innovation and the encouragement of best practice with the pharmaceutical packaging & labelling industry.

Key Topics include:

  • Keynote: Providing an overview of GS1 role within the industry and outlining the latest standards to ensure pharmaceutical companies benefit from the new information.
  • Keynote: Implementing cost efficient on line T7T technology on packaging equipment.

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Amsterdam will serve as host for the 12th Annual Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling Conference on the 25th-26th September 2013. By providing a more central hub Amsterdam allows for the reach of the event to expand and attract decision makers from across the full extent of Europe.

Amsterdam’s history, winding streets and rich culture provide a stunning backdrop to an event serving as a vital component in the challenge to discover solutions to meeting sustainability targets and achieving regulatory compliance while maintaining branding goals in conjunction with other vital industry issues.

Special offer for Biotech/Pharma VP/Directors!

Arena will exclusively be offering a number of FREE PLACES* which are reserved for VPs/Directors from Biotech/Pharma Manufacturers.

If you are a Biotech/Pharma VP/Director and are interested in attending the conference, please visit the event website:

Quote ‘MK-KGPT’ in the reference section.

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