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ACTide to Attend PhUSE EU Connect 2019

ACTide is to attend PhUSE EU Connect 2019, which will be taking place from 10 to 13 November in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most well-known cities in the world. It has a strong tradition as a centre of culture and commerce and is a major hub for business, tourism, culture and renowned cuisine delicacies.

The conference venue, RAI Amsterdam, is located in Zuidas business district, or the ‘Financial Mile’. It lies between the Rivers Amstel and Schinkel, close to both the historic city centre and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

2019 marks PhUSE’s 15th year, and we will be reflecting upon the Society’s journey and celebrating the achievements to date. As an organisation, PhUSE has continually evolved, and strived to try different things for the benefit of the community. The focus of the first conferences ranged from the software used to the use of standards, moving to present-day topics such as patient centricity, data transparency and machine learning.

We will also be looking ahead to the ever-changing landscape, and the implications for the industry, as well as the challenges and benefits which this presents. Looking beneath the tip of the clinical trial iceberg, we will be discussing and debating topics such as patient recruitment, electronic health records, the Cloud, collaboration, analytical software and remote trials.

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